“Talent” A loaded word!

Not so long ago I posted above picture of one of my sculptures to my Facebook page. Many people shared this post, one of which was my wonderful sister-in-law Jaime. With her share she commented, “My brother in law is a very hard-working artist. (I refuse to say... read more

Why is Art important in schools?

 I was recently interviewed by a woman taking an Art Education class at a local college. Although I don’t remember the specific questions that were asked the general idea of most of the questions were “why is art important in our schools. Honestly this is a question... read more

Beginning of Summer Recap

It has been a busy summer both artistically and otherwise. I have not written a post in a number of weeks an as such have so much to say I hardly know where to start. This blog post will be a quick recap of the past few weeks and I will also tell you about a couple... read more

My Time With Artist Marilyn Hoff Hansen

This week I was  pleased to enjoy an awesome demonstration from one of the most fantastic artists I know Marilyn Hoff Hansen. I enjoyed it so much I decided to make this post is feature on her. Marilyn is know for her beautiful horse sculptures and paintings. The... read more

Taking a look back at “Shelter”

It has been a little over a year since I sculpted Shelter. This sculpture was a bit of a breakthrough for me. I knew I wanted to be a figure sculptor but at this point I was still trying to figure out what I wanted to do and say with my art. There is nothing wrong... read more

Art Exhibitions! | Blog Post | 3/20/15

This week has been full of Art Exhibitions! On Monday I delivered my sculpture “Sanctuary” in Bonded Bronze to the Idaho Falls Arts Council for this years National Exhibition. This show is always fantastic and if you are in the area I highly recommend... read more

Keeping Momentum | Blog Post 3/12/15

It’s hard to beat a week like last week as far as excitement and how much work I was able to get done. Although much of this week has been recuperating after wearing my body out, it has also been one that I have tried to keep the momentum going. The end of my... read more

Sanctuary – Blog Post: 1/29/15

I hope you had as productive of a week as I have. First things first. After lots of experimentation I finally figured out the right mix for my bonded sand castings. The picture above is my new sculpture Sanctuary cast in beautiful white sand. If you haven’t yet... read more

Stay at home Dad while being an Artist.

    What a week! Sometimes art happens, and sometimes other things happen while you are trying to do art. This week a little of both happened. As many of you know I am a High School Art Teacher. For me this was the first week of the new semester. Since my... read more

New Year-New Adventures-New Blog

Happy New Year! 2014 was a great year. For me it was full of many leaps and bounds as well as some disappointments along the way. Over the years I have come to accept the fact that no matter how great and noble my resolutions are at the beginning of the year, by the... read more

Last day of school student work.

It’s the last day of school. Here is a painting by a student of mine. It will be going in the hallway at Shelley High School. I’m pretty proud of this student she did an excellent job. The painting is 4 feet... read more