Public Works

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Bearers of the Maltese Cross

Fire Station #3 – Ogden, Utah

The history of firefighters is very interesting. The cross that firefighters wear on their helmets and uniforms is called the Maltese Cross. Named after the cross the knights of Saint John wore in Malta in the 1500’s. The story goes that as Malta was being attacked the opposing army was using a new revolutionary weapon of war… Fire. They filled glass bottles with naptha and drenched the army and the city with flammable fluid. When everything was sufficiently soaked they threw in their torches and burned many alive. The knights of Saint John took to saving everyone they could often sacrificing themselves in the process. These knights became the first fire fighters and the Maltese cross has come to symbolize the courage and responsibility fire fighters take upon themselves in their willingness to risk their own lives to help those in need. My design shows a knight of Saint John, a fire fighter from the 1800’s and a modern day fire fighter, Each bearing the Maltese Cross.

Out On The Town

City Hall – Meridian, Idaho

Growing up in Meridian, I had many opportunities to see my hometown through a child’s eyes. On many occasions, my older siblings and I would walk around town buying candy and ice cream and looking at toys. It was always a fun adventure. I hope this sculpture will encourage Meridian residents and visitors to enjoy themselves out on the town.

John F. Shelley

City Hall – Shelley Idaho



North Summit County Public Library – Coalville Utah

Splash is a sculpture of self-reflection. More than just a mirror, Splash lets you see yourself in different ways urging you to think about the person you are and would like to become. You can view yourself branching out just as the sculpture does. The sculpture appears liquid as if it is still moving and pliable. This symbolizes the ever-changing aspect of our lives. Everyone can change and we have yet to author our future. It is my hope that everyone who views this sculpture will walk away thinking more about the type of person they are and want to become. To view an article written in the Park Record about this sculpture click here.

Other Works found in Public Places

Shelley Idaho Art in Public

As the Art Teacher at Shelley High School I have started a program to get quality art in public places around Shelley Idaho. My students submit designs then one is chosen to collaborate with me to finalize the design. Then the artist, my advanced art class, and I paint the mural. Two Murals have been done in the past year. For this coming school year my plan is to fill Shelley with 3 more murals and 4 sculptures.