The artist, the man.


Artist Statement

I strive to make my work come to life. I want my figures to look as if they feel emotions and could walk right off their pedestal. I have spent years studying anatomy and sculpture so I can more accurately render the human figure in all of its many gestures and expressions. This work pays off as the Art Collector connects emotionally or spiritually with my work because of the life I have given it. Strength and Movement are strong themes in my artwork. I make use of fabric, hair, and strained muscles to communicate the motion of the sculpture. I portray positive and inspiring messages, which speak to collectors in an honest way at a deep emotional level. My work fits a wide variety of tastes as I combine classical style figure sculpture with abstract elements, thus creating a contemporary yet timeless feel. Every figure starts with study. Whether it is studying a model sitting in front of me, looking at pictures of clothing and hair styles studying an anatomy book, or reading about a specific person’s life and works. Just as every person has imperfections that make them unique and beautiful I prefer to leave beautiful imperfections in my sculptures. I don’t try to hide how my sculptures are made. On the contrary I leave traces of myself, marks from my sculpting tools and my hands. By leaving these marks I am able to give some of my self to the life of the sculpture. I know a sculpture is done when it has a life of it’s own, when I can feel its presence sitting in my studio.

Artist Bio

Since before he can remember artist Daniel E. Borup has been creating artwork. His mother recalls “From the time Daniel was able to speak often the first words out of his mouth in the morning were ‘what should I draw today?’”

His older siblings also helped to prepare Daniel as an artist. Daniel remembers receiving art lessons about perspective and shading at a very young age. They would teach him lessons they were learning in High School while he was still in elementary school. Other times he would play games with his siblings where they would draw a picture together by taking turns adding features to a creature, or turning a random squiggle on a paper into a masterpiece. To this day Daniel still plays these drawing games with his own children and his students in order to exercise creativity.

In high school Daniel excelled at art, winning many art shows at the school, local, colleges, and the state fairs. It was during this time that Daniel first fell in love with sculpting and pottery. In order to learn as much as he could Daniel would often take early morning classes so he would have more room in his schedule to take Art Classes.

Daniel kept a journal of pottery and sculpture ideas. This is a habit that has stayed with him ever since. You will never catch Daniel without his pocket book in order to jot down his ideas at a moment’s notice. Many Ideas he has don’t get fully developed until years later when he is flipping through his sketch pads and pocket books and can look at his old ideas in new ways.

Daniel’s passion for art only grew when He went to college. Thinking hard about what he wanted to major in Daniel chose Art Education. To his surprise many of his artist peers criticized Daniel’s choice to teach saying either “Why would you want to go into teaching you are so much better than that.” Despite what others said Daniel stuck with his major and became a High School art Teacher at Shelley High School. Daniel said “I never regretted becoming a teacher. I am a better artist because of it. Teaching hasn’t held me back as an artist but helped me step forward. I understand myself and my art in a way I never thought possible all because I have spent the time to teach others.” As a teacher Daniel has not only inspired his students but also the community. With his student Daniel has completed a number of public murals in Shelley. The community anticipates the arrival of the latest mural. In addition to teaching art in public school Daniel teaches adults from the community in his studio. “I have always believed that an Art Teacher must first be an Artist. I have worked hard to show my students my love for doing art.”

Daniel is inspired by the human figure and although he loves sculpting with a more classical approach, You will notice that many of his sculptures incorporate abstract elements giving his work a contemporary feel yet still have the timelessness of classical figure sculptures. “Much of my formal education was in traditional styles of sculpting and painting. I believe that I am a better artist because of it. In my mind it is hard to separate the connection I feel between representational artwork and abstract.”

Recently Daniel has taken the plunge into the world of a full time artist so he can fully dedicate his time to his artwork. Daniel hopes that his artwork will inspire awe to his viewers whether it is a smaller gallery piece or a large public sculpture.


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